The Centre Management Committee generally meets on the First Thursday of each month. Actual dates of the meetings can be found on the Calender page. Any members who have issues that they would like to raise with the Committee are asked to communicate with the Centre Manager or commit them to writing, addressing your correspondence to the Secretary and hand it into the office or email it no later than the Friday preceding the next Committee meeting. If you wish to contact a particular Committee member please email them at

Previous season’s office bearers of the Executive Committee and Centre Captains are as follows:

 1981   Noel McGrath  Doug Rosemond   Sharon Brady
82 – 83   Jeff Stone  Gloria Moloney   Dave Belcher
 83-84   Robyn Branch  Gloria Moloney   Kay Dann
 84-85   Kaylene Wall  Kay Vinson   Julie Hayward
 85-86   Ned Brooks  Kay Vinson   Pauline Brooks
 86-87   Ned Brooks  Pauline Brooks   Margaret Brough
 87-88   Ned Brooks  Irene Hibberd   Jenny Courtman
 88-89   Ned Brooks  Katrina Mullins   Pauline Brooks
 89-90   Ned Brooks  Gail Holmes   Vickie Locke
 90-91   Ned Brooks  Pauline Brooks   Vickie Locke
 91-92   Ned Brooks  Kay Vinson   Pauline Brooks
 92-93   Ned Brooks  Matt Bagley   Carol Johnson
 93-94   Asvin Parmar  Malcom Bartolo   Kellie Hughes
 94-95   Asvin Parmar  Malcom Bartolo  Kellie Hughes
 95-96  Brett Simper  Les Broughton  Keith Watts
 96-97  Brett Simper  Les Broughton  Robert Rey
 97-98  Brett Simper  Les Broughton  Robert Rey
 98-99  Larry Pinkerton  Les Broughton  Jeff Street
 99-00  Larry Pinkerton Myron McCormick  Mark Dudley Michael Hirning  Jessica Dyson
 00-01  Larry Pinkerton Myron McCormick  Mark Dudley Stephen Tyssen Rebecca Oliver
 01-02  Larry Pinkerton Myron McCormick  David Hogarth James McCormick Kelly Pinkerton
 02-03  Larry Pinkerton Myron McCormick  Steve Levett Shaun Hirning  Abigail James
 03-04  Michael Stout Myron McCormick  Steve Levett  Ryan Cole Samantha Collier
 04-05  Michael Stout Myron McCormick  Steve Levett Stephen Robinson  Louise Varley
 05-06  Michael Stout Myron McCormick  Steve Levett  Daniel Gray  Natalie Cole
 06-07  Michael Stout  Eve James  Erica McKewin Jarrod Nicholas  Patricia Hibbs
 07-08  Michael Stout  Eve James  Phil Holloway  Chiam James  Lili Holloway
 08-09  Michael Stout  Eve James  Phil Holloway  Corey Cottrell  Lily Glover
 09-10  Adam White  Eve James  Sara Allard  Corren Ints Kathryn Varley
 10-11  Adam White  Kate Cremin -Rose  Sara Allard  Kirby Patterson  Jade McNaughton
 11-12  Adam White  Ros Roper  Sara Allard  Patrick Paton  April Middlebrough
 12-13  Adam White  Ros Roper  Tracy Barnes   Tyson Beatty Ellyse Roper
 13-14 Steve Larsen Tammy Steczkowicz Chris Mason Ryan Preston Katly McNaughton
 14-15 Steve Larsen Kylie White Paul Sheffield Griffin Roberts Rachael Isele
 15-16 Leigh Bohan Kylie White Eric Gordon Cooper Patterson Chloe White
 16-17 Leigh Bohan Kylie White Eric Gordon Lucas Lutter Tahlia Anderson
 17-18 Adam White Nerissa Thomas Eric Gordon Josh Eichmann Annie Beatty
 18-19 Adam White Nerissa Thomas Mandy Smulders Jarrod Lafsky Kaieisha Afoa
 19-20 Adam White / David Armitage Nerissa Thomas Mandy Smulders Lachlan White Ali Marris
 20-21 David Armitage Nerissa Thomas Steve Hind Essie Cox Kaia-Lee Manson
 21-22 David Armitage Nerissa Thomas Duane Thomas Aidan Downie Summer Millard
 22-23 Nerissa Thomas Jillian Blake Duane Thomas  Gemma Johnson Schyler Smulders