Athletes in age groups up to and including Under 10 are not allowed to wear spikes in any event.

U11/U12 Age Groups may wear spikes in all Laned events, all Jumping events and Javelin. For Relays, U11/U12 may only wear spikes in Long and High Jump Relays Events. Any spike shoe without spikes attached may be worn in unlaned events and all Track Relay events.

U13-U17 Age Groups may wear spikes in all laned and unlaned track events (excluding walks), Jumping Events and Javelin and for all Relays events. Atheletes in Relays who compete up an Age Group to U13-U17 may also wear spikes.

Spike shoes (without spikes or blanks) that have rosettes around the spike area or which have anything hard/sharp protruding from any area of the sole WILL NOT be acceptable.

Spiked shoes MUST be CARRIED NOT WORN to individual events and removed immediately after completion of the event.

Spikes no longer than 7mm are to be used at any time on the Deception Bay Tartan Long/Triple and Javelin run-ups.

In accordance with LAQ Policy (By-Law Jun/04), enclosed footwear is compulsory for Athletes participating in all events.