Committee Responsibilities:
➢ The Centre is administered by an elected group of people, the Centre Committee. This
group has the primary responsibility for administering the Centre.
➢ Members of the Centre Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting (usually held
in April/May each year), and hold that position for a 12 month period.
➢ The role of a Committee member is two-fold. Firstly, they participate on the committee as
one member of a decision-making body, which operates through a system of meetings.
Secondly, the committee member often has specific responsibilities which may relate to the
work of the committee but are implemented outside it (e.g. Centre Manager, Canteen
Convenor, Equipment Officer, etc).
➢ The Committee member’s duties and responsibilities contained herein are to be read in
conjunction with the Centre Constitution section 3.6 (Powers and duties of individual Centre
Management Committee members).
➢ Informal meetings of the Executive Sub-Committee are on an ‘as required’ basis as
determined by the Centre Manager.

Individual Committee Member Responsibilities:
➢ Contribute to the effective running of Deception Bay Little Athletics.
➢ To enable a child of a Committee Member to receive an ‘end of season’ trophy, the
Committee Member must attend at least 70% of regular competition nights and attend at
least 6 of the monthly Centre Management Committee meetings.
➢ Assist as required during Friday night competitions when not fulfilling
primary Committee duty.
➢ Submit a written/verbal apology to the Secretary prior to the scheduled Committee meeting
if unable to attend.
➢ Must be in Committee Shirts on Friday nights and any carnivals.

Executive Sub Committee:

Committee Roles: