➢ Preferred experience:

  • At least TWO years’ experience as a member with some knowledge of the various
    Events, and have excellent organisational abilities.
    ➢ Responsible for:
  • The planning and subsequent submission to the Centre Committee prior to season start
    of a cyclic programme of events for normal Centre competitions, ensuring as much as
    possible, that an equal number of events are conducted for each age group and that no
    particular type of event is neglected or favoured.
  • Maintenance of Program Sheets for uploading to Results HQ each week.
  • Ensure all athletes are nominated to allocated weekly events in Results HQ each week.
  • Printing of program Athletes, Starter and Chief Sheets by 5pm on competition nights.
  • The conduct and supervision of the weekly competition program.
  • Ensure compliance of cyclic program to LAQ requirements.
  • Maintaining a Centre historical Registration database of athlete details including year
    attended, name, registration number, birth date and age group in Results HQ.
  • Ensure compliance to Laurie Baartz Award requirements for all age groups.

    ➢ Mandatory requirements/experience:
  • Home Computer with internet access and sound computer knowledge including
    website Text/HTML editing.
    ➢ Responsible for:
  • Maintaining the Centre’s website.
  • The maintenance of the Centre’s Printer, Photocopier and Facsimile machine.
  • Loading/updating various computer programs used with the Centre’s computers.
  • Friday night duties as directed by the Centre Manager/Assistant Centre Manager.