(Member of the Executive Sub-Committee)
➢ Responsible for:

  • Ensuring the sufficient and appropriate notification is given to members in respect of all
    meetings of the Centre.
  • The full and accurate minutes of all questions, matters, motions, resolutions of every
    Committee meeting and General meeting to be read or circulated via email or Facebook
    post to all Committee Members within 7 days of a meeting being held, this will also
    include a financial statement
  • LAQ within 14 days of being accepted as a true record.
  • Outwards correspondence on behalf of the Centre.
  • Receipt of correspondence on behalf of the Centre and present all correspondence as
    received to the next Centre Committee meeting.
  • Creation of Meeting / Events on Facebook Committee page for Committee Members to
    verify attendance prior to meetings.
  • Maintaining an official correspondence filing system on behalf of the Centre.
  • The care and maintenance of the Centre’s Laptop computer, ensuring that no computer
    programs/games are loaded without the permission of the Centre Manager. The Laptop
    and installed programs may be used for limited personal use.
  • Insurance details/claims on behalf of the Centre or individual members.
  • Submit a notice in the local newspaper of the intention to hold an AGM.
  • Submission of the U13/U15 State Team eligibility forms to LAQ.
  • Determine eligibility for LAQ 10yr, DBLA 5yr & 10yr Participation Awards
  • Purchase of office supplies including printer paper and cartridges.
  • Determine the eligibility of athletes to receive end of season awards and advise
    the Presentation Day Co-ordinator those athletes who fail the attendance criteria.
  • The season dates must be submitted to Council a minimum of two weeks prior to
    Competition Night / Days
  • Assist with the running of the office.