TINY TOTS: Parent or caregivers must collect their child after they have finished their 50m run on the back straight. The parents are required to volunteer for 12 nights.

Little Athletics is designed to bring the whole family together in a healthy outdoor sport. Children in Little Athletics compete in events and parents conduct the events.

Parents are possibly the most important part of our centre. Without parental assistance, the Centre would not be able to operate and therefore no competition on the night.

The Centre requires a minimum of  50 to 60 parents to act as Marshals, Officials and to help in the canteen on every night of competition. This is in addition to the Committee members who all have an important role to play on competition nights.

It is also expected that you will assist at carnivals if your son or daughter should nominate and/or qualify for any Association or Regional carnival.

Every athlete is eligible for at least one trophy at the end of the season subject to attendance and parental assistance. The athlete’s family or guardian must have assisted at least TWELVE times during the season, preferably six times prior to and six times after the Christmas break

The required assistance could be in the form of, but not limited to the following:

Assisting during Friday night competition.

Assisting at one of our Working Bees.

Assisting at our Annual Open Day (When held).

Assisting at Regional Carnivals.

Specific Officials’ duties may include, but not limited to:

Marshall: Escorting the groups from one event to the next.

Recorder: Recording children’s times and distances on performance tickets.

Time Keeper: Timing track events with stopwatches.

Place Judging: Placing athletes in order of 1st, 2nd , 3rd, etc. after a track event.

Field Judge: Measuring jumps & throws.

Spotter: Spotting where the thrown implements lands.

Retriever: Retrieving thrown implements.

Canteen: Helping sell drinks etc.

Selling raffle tickets.
To contact the Officials Officer to nominate for duties please email parent.roster@deceptionbayla.asn.au