The Summer 2021/2022 season will start in late August 2021.
Competition is held each Friday night with warm-ups commencing at 5.50pm and competition being conducted between 6.00pm and approx. 9.00pm.
Athletes in the U6/U7 age groups usually finish around 8.00pm.
Depending on the age group, events include the following:

Track (Running): 70M, 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M and 1500M
Track (Hurdles): 60M, 80M, 90M, 100M, 200M and 300M
Track (Walks): 700M, 1100M and 1500M
Jumps: Long, Triple and High Jumps
Throws: Shotput, Discus and Javelin

High Jump – Scissors

Long & Triple Jumps

Shot Put


Running – Sprints

High Jump – Flop



Running – Hurdles

Running – Distance

The Tiny Tots do various activities including play training, 50M, Shot Put, Discus and Long Jump.
NOTE: Tiny Tots do not recieve times, measurements or places for their events.

The U6 age group commence athletics by doing the 70M, 100M, Shot Put, Discus and Long Jump. The number of events available increases as the athlete progresses through to the U13 age group in which they compete in all events.

On a Friday competition night the U6 age group compete in 4 recorded events each night. The U7 – U10 age groups compete in 5 recorded events, and the U11-U17 age groups compete in 5 or 6 recorded events each night. Unrecorded trial events, play training events or games may be conducted in addition to recorded events.

The available events for a particular age group are rotated each week to give athletes the opportunity to participate in and practice a wide range of events throughout the season.

The Centre runs a Six week rotating event program. The program for a particular Friday night can be found on the Calendar page under each Friday of competition.

The six Weekly Programs are:

DBLA Program ONE; DBLA Program TWO; DBLA Program THREE; DBLA Program FOUR; DBLA Program FIVE; DBLA Program SIX