It is compulsory for all athletes, with the exception of Tiny Tots, to wear the club uniform from the second Friday night in October. Athletes registering after this date shall be given two weeks grace. The uniform consists of a green & maroon shirt with collar (Boys/Girls) or without collar (Girls) and maroon shorts/bike pants (without decoration).

Children who compete at LAQ competition days must wear correct uniform, otherwise they risk disqualification or not being allowed to start.

Crop Top (under 13s and up)  $    30.00
Singlet (under 13s and up)  $    35.00
Polo Shirt  $    40.00
Bike Pants  $    30.00
Footy Shorts  $    30.00
Club Hats (Caps)  $    5.00
Club Hats (Bucket) On Order  $    20.00
Socks (Crew/ankle)  $    15.00
Jacket/Hoodie starting from  $    60.00